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Homosassa River
Homosassa River

Crystal River:

The beautiful Crystal River is about six miles long. It is spring fed from it's source in Kings Bay. The southern branch of the river is known as Salt River. It provides another avenue of access to the salt marsh, many islands and the gulf. Salt River Expansive grass flats extend many miles into the gulf, and are interlaced with oyster beds. The grass flats are home to many species of which you can expect to catch speckled trout, cobia, Spanish mackerel and many others. Red Fish are a regular inhabitant of the oyster bars as well as pompano and other crustacean feeding species. Crystal River is also home to the spoil banks which are unique to this area, and allow easy access to the deep water fisheries. Captain Z utilizes both live and artificial baits targeting the many species that inhabit these areas.






Homosassa River​:

Starting at it's main spring, the Homosassa River runs approximately 8 miles to the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico. The river is landscaped with Sable Palms and vast marsh grasses. The Homosassa River hosts a teaming fishery of redfish and speckled trout. The Homosassa River is also home to the endangered West Indian Manatee during the cold months. The rocky limestone bottom of the flats are the perfect habitat for the "gator" speckled trout and the giant "bull" red fish, along with many other species. The Homosassa River is also host to the beautiful St. Martin's Keys, which is home to a great population of redfish. The shallow depths of the gin clear waters of the Homosassa also allow site fishing for redfish, trout and tarpon. Captain Z also fishes the shallow rocks just off shore targeting sheepshead, grouper, snapper, grunts and flounder.





Homosassa Red Fishing Charters with Captain Mark Zorn
Homosassa Trout Fishing Charters with Captain Mark Zorn
Crystal River Salt River Marsh
Crystal River and Homosassa Grass Flats
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